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Hornets on the Internets: David West Doing Cool Stuff Edition

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Your daily links post. Happy National Blonde Brownies Day.
  • To make blonde brownies, simply replace chocolate in your brownies recipe with light brown sugar. That's difficult for me – I just make brownies from a box.
  • David West was inducted into the Xavier University Hall of Fame. He was inducted alongside the late Skip Prosser, who coached both West and Chris Paul. DX also had a new shoe release. They look pretty sweet – I like the Creole Blue highlights.
  • The Times-Pic reports that Monty Williams thinks the Hornets need players other than CP3 and West to step up and score. No kidding.
  • The depressing news from the car crash that killed Willie Green's cousin and sister just keeps coming: apparently Willie's cousin was very drunk when he was driving the car. It's such an incredibly sad story.
  • Pops-Mensah Bonsu talks to The Mirror (UK) about how his experience with the Great Britain national basketball team has provided a foothold into the NBA.