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Sister, Cousin of Willie Green Killed in Car Accident

There are days when we are abruptly reminded that basketball is just a game and that the players we cheer for, talk about, and scream at are more than pixels on our screens and statistics on the back of their cards. Today is one of those days.

Last night's game in Detroit was a homecoming for Green, who attended Thomas Cooley High School on the northwest side of Detroit and played college basketball at the University of Detroit Mercy. The Detroit Free Press reports that a number of Green's family members attended the game:

Tamara Lynette Green, 30, and her cousin, Gary Benjamin Green, 27, who was driving, died after a number of Green family members attended the game at the Palace of Auburn Hills, the player's father, Willie Green Sr., said today.

"I feel pretty hurt," Green Sr. said this morning. "But I’m going to take solace in the same things we tell other folks going through other things like this: If God permits something like that to happen, say ‘Amen’ and move on. That’s what I will use to cope."

Green was already in Indiana when he heard the news; as of this morning, he has traveled back to Detroit to be with his family.

Our condolences go out to Willie and his family.