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Sunday Discussion: Grading Monty Williams

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We're almost two months into Monty Williams' tenure as Head Coach, and I think we've seen enough of him to form some early opinions. Let's discuss Monty's early performance as Head Coach – what grade would you give him? Was he the best out of the candidates the Hornets considered during the offseason?

Some quick and dirty pros and cons:


  • Consistent focus on defense has led to results - Conference-best defensive efficiency
  • Appears to have turned team around after a nasty slide punctuated by the NBA's buyout of the Hornets
  • Seems to be keeping Chris Paul happy


  • Questionable decisions with playing time – Green vs. Thornton, Gray vs. Mbenga
  • The stagnant offense has been the second worst in the Western Conference
  • The Hornets have had bad second halves in several games (e.g. Spurs, Heat)

Let's kick the subject around in the comments.