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Hornets on the Internets: All Star Balloting Edition

Your morning link roundup. Happy Underdog Day

  • Underdog Day has been celebrated since December 17th, 1976. Apparently the origins of the word "underdog" lie in ship construction. Via the Fairfax County Library: "Planks of wood for the construction of a ship were placed over a pit on another set of planks called "dogs." To saw the planks, a senior "sawsman" stood on top of the platform and a junior "sawsman" was assigned to go into the pit to saw from below, where he would be covered with sawdust. The man on top was called the "overdog" — the one on the bottom — the "underdog."
  • Let's jump right into some ticketing news. The Hornets have a great ticket package out for the holiday season- the Purple 5 Game Holiday Plan. It's tickets to give games- Lakers, Thunder, Mavericks, Grizzlies, and a fifth game of your choice (excepting Orlando, Miami, Boston, and Chicago)- for $160. At least three of those are amazing match-ups, the average ticket price is just over $30, and it's great for the future of the franchise. If you'd like more information, please email UPDATE: Fixed the email address, so if you tried sending out an email earlier, try again!
  • There's not too much news out there today. If you didn't catch it yesterday, here's the first round of All-Star balloting. Chris Paul has a comfortable lead at point guard.
  • Coach Nick runs the basketball analysis site, Basketball Breakdown, and recently went over some of the specifics of the Hornets' loss to the Heat. I'd highly recommend you check out his video here.
  • Italian radio station, Radio Deejay is auctioning off a Marco Belinelli jersey for CESVI. Here is the eBay link to a rather tan Belinelli holding up the jersey.
  • On Tuesday, Chris Paul, Little Wayne, and Reginald Bush all went bowling together.