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Hornets on the Internets: Free Buckets (again) Edition

Your Morning Links Roundup.

  • Let's start with some good news. The Business Council of New Orleans and the River Region have pledged to buy $50,000 dollars worth of tickets. Very cool. I hope we continue to see this sort of thing. In related news, check out this article from New It's a good up to date overview of the Hornets situation. One very interesting aspect of the article was the mention of state officials talking to the Hornets and the NBA about waiving the attendance clause in the Hornets' lease. I have no idea if that's realistic or not, and the article doesn't go into any depth about it, but I'm pretty sure its the first time I've heard the possibility mentioned.
  • In unrelated (and not so good) news, Aaron Gray demonstrates how to fail at double teaming.
  • I wonder if Monty Williams watches The Basketball Jones. Probably not. Either way, Skeets and Melas are on our side! Free Buckets!
  • Peter Vecsey thinks there is a serious possibility that the Hornets will simply cease to exist.
  • Micheal McNamara of Hornets247 has given the Hornets early season grades.
  • Finally, check out Hoops Analyst. It's one of my favorite basketball sites. Author Harlan Schreiber has an article up about the Hornets situation.