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Hornets on the Internets: Dell Curry Edition

  • The wonderful website NBA Playbook has an interesting visual analysis of the play the Hornets ran to open the second half against the Thunder on Monday night. David West unfortunately missed the shot despite the play being both well designed and well executed.
  • The contributions of Marco Belinelli and Jason Smith haven't gone unnoticed around the league. I like the quote from Monty Williams in this SLAM Online article: "I think guys, when they get consistent minutes, and they have talent and they work hard, usually will improve."
  • Don't expect to see Stephen Jackson against the Hornets tonight. He was ejected against the Bucks on Sunday and has subsequently been suspended for one game due to "verbal abuse of a game official and failing to leave the court in a timely manner." CBS Sports has the details.
  • We've all been wondering why the Hornets have been struggling late in games. This post from Hornets247's Joe Gerrity doesn't fully answer the question, but it does offer a lot of detail on exactly how well the various players are performing in "crunch time" and points to poor rebounding as a major culprit in the Hornets' late game woes. Great stuff.
  • suggests that the Hornets should retire Dell Curry's number. Personally, I'm a Louisiana native and I didn't start watching the Hornets until they moved to New Orleans. However, I know there are still old-school Charlotte era fans who continue to follow the Hornets and who probably look fondly on Curry. Should the Hornets recognize Curry for his time in Charlotte or should the focus be kept on the present and not the past?
  • If you live in New Orleans and can afford Hornets tickets (and Hornets tickets are quite affordable compared to tickets for other teams around the league)... go to the games! (ed. note- totally agree.. you can still get tickets for as cheap as $3 for tonight! Also, more on this specific article in a couple of hours)