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At the Hive December Jersey Contest

I know, know. We've tried and failed to have a lot of different contests on here over the years. And while some came off, others have crashed and burned for a variety of reasons. 

But this time it's definitely for real! 

At the end of December, we'll be giving away a Hornets jersey. However, since the system that automates the votes is brand new, Week 1 (December 1st to December 7th) will be a test run to see how the system works. We'll see if we get enough people voting to make this a legitimate contest, and we'll see if any bugs, etc. come up. If all goes well this week, then we'll include contest results from Week 1.

So to reiterate, this is a test week, but it will count if everything goes smoothly. If that makes sense. 

My goals for this jersey contest are primarily:

  • to build up the community that's gradually being established
  • to thank you guys for reading and commenting
  • to have fun
The game threads have been great this season, and I think that the Jersey Contest only stands to enhance that. Of course, any contest needs to have rules. So here are the rules for this one: (1) if you haven't already done so, register for the site, (2) the username you type in at the contest page must be the same as your At the Hive username (this will make more sense when you see the form), (3) entries to the contest can't be changed after the fact. 

The Jersey Contest Page will be located right here. On game/contest days, the page will be live with the contest questions for the day. It's currently live for the Charlotte Bobcats game tonight. The contest will close before tip, so try and get your entries in early if you can. On off days, it will contain a link to the overall leaderboard. 

As far as scoring goes, predicting the game score will work on a sliding scale. If you nail the correct number of points (for us or the opponent), you earn 10 points. You will earn one less point for each point you're off by (down to 0). The other three questions will be worth 5, 5, and 2 points. This means that for a given game, you can earn a maximum of 32 points.

This also means that you're never really out of the contest. You will be rewarded for playing often, but even if you miss a few days, you can get right back in it with a hot guessing streak. There may not be a Contest post for every game, but I will post a link from the front page every time there is one.

Winner is whoever has the most total points at the end of the month and gets a replica Chris Paul home or away jersey. I will contact the winner in the first week of the new year, using the email address provided by you. If you'd be willing to send us a picture of you wearing the winning jersey, even more awesome! 

I believe those are all the rules. If you didn't already follow the link above, here's the page for today's Contest entries. Brian, Caleb, MWK, Junsier, and myself will be exempt from winning, but that doesn't mean we'll refrain from beating you over the head with our bragging rights. 

Thanks for reading/commenting, and happy guessing!