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Introducing At the Hive Tickets

Ticket buying is a science. It really is. 

I attend probably 5 to 10 live sporting events per year (mostly pro basketball and baseball). Each one involves a few hours of planning- usually a mix of scanning the seemingly infinite number of online ticket vendors and continuous refreshing of CraigsList postings. It's satisfying to successfully fight and vanquish the ticket monster, but sometimes it bites your head off, and you end up sitting behind a pillar in Row 9000 for $39 dollars a seat.

Today, some of that struggle comes to an end.

At the Hive is teaming up with TiqIQ to provide you with the best possible deals to attend Hornet games. As anyone that's used Expedia/Orbitz/Bing's new flight thingy/etc. knows, aggregation is good. TiqIQ is a ticket service that searches sites like StubHub, ebay, TicketsNow, and so on. It finds the cheapest tickets online and lays them out graphically. For instance, here's the breakdown for tomorrow's Clips game:


Clicking on a section gives you a specific price breakdown (and yes, it appears you can attend tomorrow's game for... $2 dollars).

TiqIQ tells you which seats are the best deals, when to buy a particular ticket, and the price fluctuation for any particular seat and game. It organizes tickets by section, level, price, and value, and it does so at no additional markup. You pay the same price you would if you waded through each vendor's website to find a ticket. 

Here's a graphic they sent along that shows how prices fluctuate through a season:


I know that many sports sites have sort of "throw away" ticket ads on their sidebars or ad sections. This definitely isn't one of those things. TiqIQ charges no extra fees for their aggregation service, features an accessible user interface, and facilitates the ticket buying process.

I'm really hoping TiqIQ becomes an important part of At the Hive and that we can simplify the process for people to get to games.

You can find the link to At the Hive Tickets on the top bar, right next to stats and under 'Wit Eeeeassse.' Feel free to email me questions or leave them in the comments.