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Watching the Hornets

SBNation and Samsung have collaborated on an advertising scheme where, if bloggers write three posts on "technology," we get kicked a little cash. Full disclosure: I like cash.

Last week, we looked at the science of still images. Today, let’s go with something less frivolous- moving images.

Specifically, I’m interested in how all of you watch/track/follow Hornets’ games.

I tried to set up a DirecTV League Pass TV account this year, only to be shot down by various complications. So for the third consecutive year, I’m watching games through League Pass Broadband. LPB does have its drawbacks. For one, it’s not exactly cheap. I picked up the "choice" version this year, picking New Orleans, Sacramento, Portland, Golden State, Orlando, Miami, and New York. For two, receiving the highest quality feed requires moderately fast connection speeds. And for three, switching between the full size player and the game day open threads is mildly annoying.

But beyond that, I get to watch almost every Hornet game this season on my computer. That’s certainly worth the price.

I know there are many other ways people keep up. I'm personally a big fan of following games through the radio. The Hornets have great radio guys; in general, I think radio announcers are a good bit better than their television counterparts because they have to be. They have to paint an accurate picture of everything that's happening on the floor. There's a lot less time for announcers to interject their own thoughts and ideas (and as we see so often, the majority of TV announcers tend to throw in poor analysis whenever they can).

So that's me. How do you keep up with the Hornets?