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Hornets on the Internets: When it Rains... Edition

Your morning (Mon-Fri) link roundup. Happy Electronic Greeting Day.

  • Let me be the first to warmly wish you on this fine Electronic Greetings Day. In other news, ceci n'est pas une pipe.
  • I'll lead with John Reid's game vlog for the Times Picayune. And while we're on the subject of audio/video, check out Hornets247's latest podcast.
  • Writing for TrueHoop, John Hollinger notes the unsettling downward trend in second half performance by the Hornets. However, he doesn't mention any specific underlying reasons behind our struggles. (That's a topic I hope to break down at some point this week, but content may be a little light from me until next Wednesday). 
  • From the same article comes an... interesting quote from Monty Williams: "We competed tonight. David West missed some shots he normally makes, and I'll go to the bank with that." Really? I think I speak for 99% of Hornets fans in saying that's not the assessment we were hoping for.
  • Over at Swarm and Sting, (At the Hive commenter extraordinaire!) James Grayson breaks down the three stale options the Hornet offense constantly devolves into. Definitely worth a read
  • Here's a recap of the game from Ken Trahan of If you're looking for an opposing viewpoint, Royce Young has a game breakdown for the Daily Thunder
Have a great day y'all. Stay electronicky.