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Hornets on the Internets: The Humbling Edition

"Ugghhhh, that's nasty."
"Ugghhhh, that's nasty."

  • In case you missed it, and hope you either watched the first half or didn't watch it at all, the Hornets finally lost their first home loss of the season today to the division rival San Antonio Spurs.  They had a good opportunity to tie for the division lead but instead let a 17 point first half lead turn into a 14 point loss.  Tough to swallow.
  • believes the big reason for today's loss is the Hornets stagnant play and the Spurs' conflicting relentless play. 
  • Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen provides the 500th evaluation of Chris Paul's summer and how it impacted the Hornets strong start to the season.  Nothing incredibly new but it's always cool to see the Hornets get mainstream coverage that's positive.
  • The Huffington Post actually gives a response to Thomsen's article, stating that the Hornets resurgence is entirely a product of Chris Paul's health.  Because of that, author David Berri feels the Hornets' start doesn't solve any problems, as they still will likely face a crushing postseason defeat without better teammates for Paul. 
  • Meanwhile, HoopsWorld's Bill Ingram feels that something special is brewing in New Orleans this season and feels that the start is sustainable. 
  • Lastly, the Hornets introduced some fantastic looking new Mardi Gras jerseys, I would assume in a proclomation that last year's horrendously awesome jerseys have been jettisoned as quickly as the players that debuted them.