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Hornets on the Internets: Small Business Saturday Edition


Your morning links, brought to you by Willie Green being an efficient part of the Hornets' offense.

  • The Hornets win.
  • Ian Thomsen has a great article on Chris Paul's relationship with David West. If this summer's trade rumors had you doubting him, CP's answers should put your mind to rest. Definitely a good read. Also has some Monty Williams and Tyson Chandler in there.
  • Marcus Thornton's name continues to come up in lists of players about to be dealt. Sadly, his continued limited role in the offense gives more weight to the rumors.
  •  Monty Williams continues to be ridiculously modest in his post-game interviews.
  • Going around the NBA: Dallas beats San Antonio. The Bees will now play San Antonio on Sunday for the division lead. Deron Williams leads the Jazz past the Lakers, and the Thunder (who play the Hornets on Monday) beat the Pacers in overtime.
  • It might interest you that Mbenga is not the only DJ on the Hornets. David West, going under the clever alias "David West", records music as a moderately famous trance artist, signed on the Anjunadeep label. (ed: not really)