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Hornets on the Internets: Losing Streak Edition


Postgame and other links, brought to you by Raja Bell flopping taking the charge in the wrong direction.           Happy Thanksgiving. 

  • Dan Rasmussen's article on lists some post-game interviews, with the players' opinions on why they were blown out.  The reasons given were a bad offense and a bad defense. Go figure. Here are the complete notes.
  • As evidenced by the Hornets' new 6th place spot on the Fan House power rankings today morning, this game will only strengthen people's belief that the early start was a fluke. With upcoming games against Portland (Fri), San Antonio (Sun), and Oklahoma City (Mon), that opinion may only be reinforced.
  • Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld has a solid article on the Hornets' continued commitment to improving their defense. 
  • Marcus Banks, acquired in the recent Toronto deal, has been advised not to report to the team. The Hornets will continue to pay his salary of $4.75 million for the year.
  • Going around the NBA: with the Heat now dropping three straight, the Hornets' win over them isn't looking too special anymore. On the flip side, the Spurs advanced to 13-1, their only loss being to the New Orleans. Sunday's game is going to be crucial for the Bees to prove themselves again.
  • And lastly, here's a rare treat for everyone. Now that's something you don't see very often.