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Hornets on the Internets: The Sobering Edition.

Your morning (Mon-Fri) link roundup. Have a great Thanksgiving Eve.

  • This recap  of Monday night's Hornets-Clippers game from the Associated Press has an interesting and unsettling note at the end about Monty William's pregame speech. Monty apparently addressed a tragedy that occurred at Staples Center on Sunday night in which a 2 year old boy died after falling from a skybox, and discussed the need to have perspective. After all, it's just basketball. It's a truly sad story and my heart goes out to the family.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle  has reaction to the story from Trevor Ariza in an article by Sam Amick. Ariza experienced a similar tragedy in his past when he lost a younger brother to a falling accident.
  • In another article by Sam Amick on FanHouse, Jarrett Jack talks about the winning atmosphere present in New Orleans and offers some criticism of the Miami Heat experiment. It's a quick but good read.
  • Bleacher Report's Magnus Johnson calls Chris Paul a "disgruntled point guard," and predicts that the Hornets will finish 4th in the West, beat the Thunder in the first round and then lose a seven game series to the Spurs in the second round. That last part would feel a little too familiar.
  • Chris Paul is happy. That's an exact quote folks, told to FanHouse. Check out Monday's article from Matt Moore of CBS Sports for more.
  • Finally, FanHouse has an excellent article up about how Monty Williams and Dell Demps gained the trust of Chris Paul. Highly recommended.