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I really hope you've enjoyed the coverage on At the Hive the past few months. I feel like the quality of my work has increased, and that's in no small part motivated by the increased reader involvement (whether through comments, emails, etc). I really appreciate that. I want this to be the most thorough, smart, and reader-friendly Hornets NBA team site around, and you all are playing a large role in taking us to that level. 

In that spirit, there are some exciting new announcements and improvements on the horizon. Today, I'm very pleased to announce two new additions to the At the Hive writing team: caleb462 and MrWayneKeller. Both guys join Junsier and Brian on the current writing/management team and will be contributing a couple stories each week. You may have noticed that At the Hive alums Lee and Curry have been a little busier this year, so Caleb and MWK will help fill their shoes and continue to make this the best place for Hornets analysis. 

Caleb will come around with his first post today, and MWK a little later this week. Let's give both these guys a front page welcome.