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Hornets on the Internets: Trade Aftermath Edition

Your morning (M-F) link roundup. Happy Start Your Own Country Day.

  • Here's some background on Start Your Own Country Day. It was, to quote an expert, "originally conceived in 1939... to honor those free spirited souls who dared to hope and believe in a better world where they too could declare any land their own." If that got you fired up, start making some moves towards nationhood.
  • There's still no official word on the structure of the two Hornet-Raptor trades. Yahoo!'s A-Woj and Marc Spears claim it was Bayless and a TPE for Andersen and Banks, and Peja for Jack and a TPE. Everyone else claims it was Peja for Jack and Banks, and Bayless for Andersen. If Yahoo! is right, the Hornets would pick up a $9.7 million trade exception. If Gary Chouest takes over by January, that could be a valuable piece indeed.
  • John Hollinger wrote on Friday that it was an excellent trade for the Hornets. The full article is Insider, but I've posted some excerpts here. The money quote: "What once looked to be a lottery team appears more like a legitimate title contender every day."
  • Also check out Bradford Doolittle's trade analysis at Basketball Prospectus. The full article is subscription-only, but the Hornet section lies above the fold. He too likes the deal.
  • Ben Golliver, writing for CBS Sports, has solid analysis of the deal as well, calling the Hornets "winners" in the deal.. Pro Basketball Talk's Matt Moore and Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer aren't as convinced.
  • Turning back to the court for a second. Sactown Royalty's game recap of last night's 75-71 is a good read, as is Clips Nation's preview of tonight's showdown.
  • David Andersen, Marcus Banks, and Jarrett Jack are expected to join the team for tonight's game. OnPointLikeCP3 has screenshots of Banks and Jack in Hornet jerseys. 
  • Also from the FanShots, a comparison of Luther Head (who we could've had) and Jarrett Jack (who we now have) from MZURK. 
  • Finally, my must read for the day: a 2006 story documenting Chris Paul and Jarrett Jack's friendship.
Have a good one, At the Hivers.