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Emeka Okafor on the Radio

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As you might know, SBNation recently acquired Sports Radio Interviews. SRI essentially tracks down interviews across the country on radio, a medium where content can quite easily be lost. They publish more prominent interviews at their website, and they'll be shooting some of the smaller time ones our way. Today, Emeka Okafor's interview with Dan Patrick from earlier in the week. Below, I've transcribed some of the more interesting parts. You can listen to the full audio here

On playing basketball down low:

"If you go to the rack, not only will I block it, I have a strong inkling you'll end up on your back... I might have a little mercy and let you roll on the ground and let it be that, or I might get in your face a little bit, depends how I'm feeling.

On the Hornets' start:

"I'm not surprised at all. Monty Williams, he really did a great job getting us ready defensively. At the start of training camp, he said defense would win games. In practice, we've just been drilling, drilling, drilling, making sure everyone knows the rotations, and you guys have seen the result. I'm not surprised at all."

On Chris Paul:

"You know what, I just let things play out. I never talked about it because rumors are rumors, and rumors are part of the game. I never thought [he'd leave]. Chris, he loves New Orleans, I know his heart is in New Orleans. He's invested in the community so I pretty much knew he was gonna be there."

On who's the team to beat:

"I would say that right now, it's a couple teams. The Lakers are definitely one, followed by the Celtics, and I believe the Heat will still be a formidable force."