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Hornets on the Internets: MT5 EFX Edition

Your morning (Mon-Fri) link roundup. Happy Homemade Bread Day.

  • Here are some ways one might go about celebrating Homemade Bread Day.
  • Marcus Thornton has signed on with "holographic technology" company EFX. This means he'll be adding this wristband to his game day suit-based attire. Thanks to the folks at EFX for passing this news along. According to the company, they are "embracing science and proactively seeking to further explain the physics behind the technology." 
  • Les East documents the parallels between the current New Orleans Hornets and the New Orleans Saints for
  • Gerry V's latest for the Times-Pic is a great read as well. He writes that the Hornets went away from swinging the ball and player movement in the fourth quarter, leading to their demise.
  • ESPN's Mavericks blog writes that Dallas has already faced a home-and-home this year with the Nuggets. After winning the first game at Denver, they dropped the second game at home. The same blog post notes that Caron Butler, who missed Monday night's game, is questionable for the rematch as well. Expect Shawn Marion to get the start again.
  • Elsewhere in the NBA, Brandon Roy is scheduled to have an MRI today on his knee. Best of luck to him, and hopefully we'll see him on a court real soon.