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Hornets on the Internets: Colbert Report Edition

Your morning (Mon-Fri) link roundup. Happy Eid al-Adha.

  • The big news of the day undoubtedly has to be that the Hornets received a mention (and a cheer!) on the Colbert Report last night
  • Let's get into some recap action if you're into the whole masochism thing. Here's the AP story, and here's my story. Get the Mavs' perspective at Mavs Moneyball.
  • Definitely check out Jim Eichenhofer's postgame thoughts over at the Official. Jim names Peja his MVP for the game, noting that Chris Paul severely limited his second half impact by committing a silly foul early in the 3rd quarter. 
  • Staying on the subject of official Hornet things, New Orleans radio announcer Gerry V has joined Twitter. If you think this will be entertaining, you are definitely right. V's tweeted just once so far: "hornets vs mavs tonite from will be a bitch..two teams defending well..both with stars". That's a pretty accurate representation of what went down last night.
  • Over at CBS Sports, Matt Moore writes that Jason Terry's big night was a result of the Hornets focusing too much on Dirk Nowitzki (who went ahead and notched 25 points on 12 shots anyway).
  • Jeff Caplan notes at ESPNDallas that the Mavericks unleashed a barrage of threes on the Hornets in the fourth quarter. Dirk Nowtizki's three pointer to tie the game at 90 came after two straight Jason Kidd triples and was Dirk's second three point look of the possession.
  • Elsewhere in the NBA, Utah's streak of comeback victories finally ended as they dropped a home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.