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Coach Williams, Thornton on MT5's Role

Via John Reid at the Times-Pic:

Monty Williams:

Everybody thinks Marcus did something wrong, but it's not that. It's all on me, what I feel is best for our team, yet he's getting better defensively.

I know I can put him in the game and he can put some points on the board, but that’s not the whole game.

It hard to play three small guards. Having Marcus, Jerryd and Willie out there, puts a lot of pressure on Willie.

Marcus Thornton:

The team is winning, so it’s all good right now – everything is good,’’ Thornton said. "I’m happy for the team and I’m going to continue to support them. When you are not having a good game, we have guys that can step up and carry the load.

It's good to see Marcus is taking this in stride for now.

And Monty William's quotes would seem to indicate that the primary reason for Green over Thornton is for WG's defense. Green has played good defense this year. says that Green's assignments have a cumulative 2.8 PER **extremely small sample size alert**). Basketball Prospectus' dMult stat indicates that Green played a fantastic defensive season in 2008-2009 and was about average last year. I'm still firmly of the opinion, though, that Thornton's superior offense will have far more impact on a game than Green's defensive advantage. I guess we'll see how this plays out.