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The 2011 Restricted Free Agent Class

We've known for some time now that New Orleans will have cap space to play with in the summer. We've also presumed for a while that the '11 free agent class will be relatively weak. Today, we'll partially learn whether that presumption will be the reality.

The deadline for the Class of 2007 to sign rookie extensions is at 11:59 Eastern tonight. 

The only first round picks to sign extensions thus far are OKC's Kevin Durant and CHI's Joakim Noah. Everyone else, for now, is fair game to receive an offer their team may not be able to match. Some of the potential restricted free agents:

  • Greg Oden
  • Rudy Fernandez
  • Al Horford (ESPN describes his extension as 50-50 as of a couple hours ago) Just kidding. 5 year, $60 million extension done.
  • Jeff Green
  • Brandan Wright
  • Spencer Hawes
  • Thaddeus Young
  • Wilson Chandler
Those are some of the more intriguing ones. Again, it would take an offer out of each player's team's range to acquire any of these guys. Let's keep in mind that Marcus Thornton belongs on this list as well, and New Orleans will have to shell out money if they want to keep him. But if no other extensions are completed in the next 10 hours, the summer becomes that much more interesting.