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Monday Comment

Good morning, @tHivers. Two more off days until we put our perfect record on the line again, so we've got some time to kill.

This week we visit Houston, face Miami at home, and get the Bucks on the road on Saturday to close a back-to-back. So it seems as good a time as any to talk about the dual issues of team performance and fan perception.

A week ago today, not too many people were high on this team. That includes national media and Hornets fans. The depth of the West, the question marks in the front court, and bench play were all cited. Some projections had us finishing last in the Southwest. Then, last week happened. New Orleans defeated three 2010 playoff teams in Milwaukee, Denver, and San Antonio. Suddenly, we're 3-0, the trade rumor threads have dried up on other Hornet sites (not meant as a dig at anyone else, but as an endorsement of the level-headed comments here), and fans are maybe, possibly considering getting on the bandwagon. 

And it's all vaguely humorous to see. This team is exactly the same as it was last week. Front court questions still abound. The bench still needs smarter shot selection to complement its energy. People jumping aboard the bandwagon on the basis of three strong games will be in for a rude surprise. New Orleans could play well this week and still post an 0-3 record. As quickly as the pendulum of public perception has swung to positivity, it could easily be back at its starting point next Sunday.

This is getting a little rambling, but my point is this: let's keep our eyes on the bigger picture. I'm not high on this team because of what they accomplished in Week 1. I am high on this team because of what I think they'll accomplish over 82 games.