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Hornets Release Jannero Pargo

So, while I was lazily avoiding writing anything about anything composing a brilliant piece analyzing the respective merits and pitfalls of The General's return, it turns out the General won't be returning at all. Via the Times-Picayune:

The Hornets released backup combo guard Jannero Pargo on Tuesday. Team officials said Pargo's surgically repaired knee wasn't progressing quickly enough.

New Orleans signed Pargo to the veteran's minimum, so it's unclear whether his ~900,000 contract remains on our books. Normally, a released player's salary would count against the cap, but I'm assuming Pargo's contract was at least somewhat provisional. 

In any case, this is the third strange injury case New Orleans has dealt with this offseason (joining Bill Green and Luther Head). Green is still the presumptive backup PG favorite, and PMB and Mustafa Shakur appear that much more likely to make the final roster.