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Introducing the Gary Chouest Purchase Threat Level

We here at At the Hive strive to bring you the latest news on Gary Chouest, but reporting on the potential sale of the Hornets is often contradictory and confusing. For instance, many news sources are currently considering the sale dead, since the New York Daily News ran a vague, unsourced story saying that the deal had fallen through. Still others reference the sale as a near certainty, citing the Times-Pic's publish of a rebuttal of the NYDN claim, suggesting the sale is near completion.

In an attempt to cut through the confusion, At the Hive is proud to introduce its latest technological breakthrough: The Gary Chouest Purchase Threat Level ®. It can be found at all times on the left sidebar, so you can check in with At the Hive and see, through a color-coded chart, our projection of the probability of Gary Chouest buying the Hornets.

Update: By "Threat," we most certainly mean "Threat To The Well-Being Of Other Teams In The Western Conference." Just didn't have the same ring to it.

Yes, it's kind of tongue-in-cheek. But it'll also be informative. Underneath the threat level, we'll list the most recent transfer status news, its date, and a snippet of what exactly that status is. The Threat Level opens today at... Guarded. Yep. Run and tell it!