Kings Fan Seeks Clarity

Good day, Hornets fans.

We're waging a healthy conversation over at Sactown Royalty about Emeka Okafor. We have some folks that think that the Hornets would give Okafor up for Kenny Thomas. I see that as the same sort of silliness that has some folks suggesting that we give up Kevin Martin for expiring contract. I understand that the Hornets have luxury tax issues, but any trade at this point is going to require the Hornets to take contract back, greatly reducing the relief that can be had (for example, Okafor for Thomas would net the Hornets about $3 million in relief when you factor in the luxury tax and the fact that half of the season and the payroll that goes with it is nearly over).

So my question is this - Is Okafor really available on the cheap, or do you think that the Hornets would demand tangible assets in return? I have been arguing that there is no way the Hornets just give away a 20-something double double guy (Okafor shares that distinction with Dwight Howard and Carlos Boozer).

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for your input.