Both of the Browns are gone, and we finally got to see Marcus in the starting lineup. This team in my opinion is much better than the team last year. We still need a few things to break our way.


1 - We need for JuJu to step up off the bench. It's time for this kid to show us what he's made of. I would like to see him step up and consistently give us about 6 to 8 points off the bench


2 - Aaron Gray we are in desperate need of some front court help. I'm not asking him to be our savior but we get killed on the boards night in and night out.


3 - Peja he needs to return to 65-75 percent of what he was during the 07-08 year. Night in and night out the inconsistency from our small forward position is killing us. We are stuck with him because of his contract, and because of that he needs to step up his play. Remember when he almost automatic when left open.


4 - Road play don't get me wrong the past 3 weeks we are playing much better on the road. What we need is about 10 or 11 more wins on the road that would give us 18 or 19 road wins. If we get that I think we make the playoffs.


5 - Prediction this team is much better than the team last year, but I don't think we get 49 W's again I say we get 47 wins good enough for the 6th spot in the West this year. We draw Dallas in the 1st round and beat the Mavs in 6 games.