The Forgotten Game

Obviously a huge game took place in New Orleans yesterday with our beloved Saints performing fantastically against the Cards. Rightfully so, CST covered the Saints post-game meaning the Hornets-Pacers game could only be seen on NBA Broadband as it usually happens when a game is not televised on CST or ESPN/ABC/TNT/NBATV. Or was it? After the Saints game was finished, I went to my laptop to go to to watch the game. Instead, I'm notified the game is blacked out due to it being shown where I live. Obviously, a glitch occurred since CST was supposed to show the Hornets game, but decided to instead switch games allowing fans to focus on the Saints. assumed the game was being shown on CST and did not adjust to the change in scheduling. It didn't bother me too much since I was euphoric after the Saints win, but I was concerned considering the Hornets had just lost a close game the night before. Thankfully, the guys stepped up and won a big road game to keep up with the teams in the West before hosting San Antonio Monday afternoon. Honestly, a 5th seed in the West is not out of the question.