All-Star Silliness

According to the most recent All-Star voting tally (, Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson are set to be among this year's starters. Anyone who's been paying attention this year knows what waste of an All-Star spot this would be. So here's what I propose: Let's get a Hoops Justice movement going. Head over to, vote for All-Star starters, and vote for the 2 players behind McGrady and Iverson, respectively, along with whoever else you want (see previous link for the most current tallies). So in McGrady's case, that would mean voting for Steve Nash and Chris Paul as your Western Conf. guards. Totally legitimate picks, and Nash is only about 1,000 votes behind T-Mac. For Iverson, that means voting for Vince Carter and Ray Allen as your Eastern Conf. guards. For the record, as much as I love Ray (I'm from Boston), I don't think either he or Vince really deserves a spot ahead of guys like Rajon Rondo or Joe Johnson, but neither of them have a realistic shot of unseating Iverson. So if you wanna get some Hoops Justice done, go vote as many times as you can in the next 16 days (limit of one vote per day, and you have to create or log into your account). All of this is obviously very subjective, and if you're a T-Mac or Iverson fan, hey, congrats. Go ahead and vote for your boys. But in case you agree with me and wanna do something about it, go vote for Nash, Paul, Vince, and Ray, and pass the word along.