Lure talent via trade or free agency?

Just wanted to get some opinions from die hard Hornet fans. From 2009 to 2011 the Hornets have very little financial freedom. After which Hornets will have some money to sign free agents and still have the CP3/Okafor combo. However Hornets do have some expiring contracts this season (2009). In addition Posey could possibly be moved to attain expirings if no one wants him:

Question is would you move Posey and the expiring contracts for a chance at a marquee star now or simply wait till 2011 and beyond and get someone via free agency. I know it is unlikely that the Hornets move Posey and all it's expiring contracts but it's fun to GM! Myself being a Piston fan I honestly wouldn't mind a Posey/Daniels for RIP trade. Think it is a decent trade for both teams.

Here is the Hornets salary information (I assume it to be accurate):