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Schedule is Out

Some games and dates to pay attention to.

Wednesday, October 28th
The Hornets open their season in San Antonio, in front of a national television audience on ESPN. This is also supposed to be the date of some World Series game (Game 1?). So plenty of stuff should be going on, with San Antonio debuting Richard Jefferson and the Hornets debuting Marcus Thornton.

Friday, October 30th
The Hornets' first game in NOLA takes place against a team we often opened the season against in the 2000's- Sacramento. Ike Diogu will be out for personal revenge against his long-time former squad, while the rest of the Hornets will be out to avenge the loss of Bobby Brown. Hornets fans will also get a look at lottery pick Tyreke Evans.

Sunday, November 1st
My birthday, and less importantly, the date of a Boston-New Orleans clash in Chowderland. We'll see if Boston still likes James Posey, a couple days after finding out if New Orleans still likes James Posey.

Monday, November 2nd
This game (NYK@NOR) isn't noteworthy in the slightest... except that it's listed as 7:30 AM Eastern. 99% sure that's a typo, but still, this would be amazing to watch.

Wednesday, November 4th
Dallas and Shawn Marion visit the Big Easy, on ESPN. It's a good thing Houston will miss Yao Ming and Memphis is run by a bunch of demented amoebas, because the Spurs and Mavs are loaded.

Sunday, November 8th
Hornets @ Lakers. Enough said.

Random note: No, I'm not going to list 90% of the schedule on here, it's just that the first two weeks are stuffed with great matchups.

Tuesday, December 1st
And, after a rather boring end to November, it's Hornets @ Lakers Part 2. We should have a decent sense by this date if the Lakers are indeed going to make a run at the 70 win plateau. My gut feeling is they will start off super hot (like last year), but this time, health and depth could sustain their run till the end. Anyways, now seems a good time to launch into a random diatribe on the 2009-2010 Lakers. I don't understand the Artest for Ariza swap. Artest is certainly the better player among the two. But NBA success cannot be created by a whole is the sum of the parts approach. Team construction is contingent on styles of play meshing together. Ariza's low usage rate allowed him to fit perfectly with Kobe and Pau Gasol's roles. Artest's average usage rate is about 10% higher than Ariza's, and I question whether his offensive game will fit. I will still be surprised if the Lakers don't repeat... I just feel like it would have been easier with Ariza. Anyways, yeah. December 1st, Hornets-Lakers.

Friday, December 18th
The Denver Nuggets return to New Orleans Arena for the first time since, well, you know what.

Monday, January 4th
Chris Paul plays against this one guy that everyone keeps comparing to him even though nobody really knows why any more they just keep doing it because it makes headlines and gives them stuff to write about so that they dont have to talk about the real issues like anabolic steroids in trans siberian motor assisted dog sledding

Saturday, February 6th
The Hornets visit the Bobcats as Emeka Okafor makes his first return to Charlotte. Cats fans, having witnessed three full months of Tyson Chandler hook shots, will yearn for the man they once called Mr. Roboto.

Wednesday, February 17th
Utah visits New Orleans, but more importantly, as the day before the trade deadline, this may be your final chance to see Antonio Daniels/Rasual Butler/Devin Brown. Get your tickets while they last!

Wednesday, April 7th
Tyson Chandler returns to New Orleans. For reals this time, get your tickets while they last.

I know I missed a ton of games, but whatever.  I'm sure David Stern will bribe the Grizzlies to trade Marc Gasol to the Lakers for DJ Mbenga at some point, but these are the ones that interest me for now. Only three more months, people!