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Right Guard Chris Paul Autographed Jersey Giveaway

Yep. I think the headline is pretty self explanatory, and similar contests are being held at Hoops AddictThe Hoops Doctors, Hornets Hype, and Hornets247.

First and foremost, all of us here at At the Hive would like to extend a warm thank you to Right Guard and Chris Paul for sponsoring the prize for this giveaway. Right Guard was kind enough to invite us to collaborate with them, in anticipation of their other, even more awesome contest. If you haven't heard of that one, they'll be giving three fans the opportunity to play ball with CP3. That particular contest closes on the 30th of August, so I'd highly suggest you go check it out right here. That link includes a sweet Chris Paul specific page, and video of all the Right Guard Fast Break Deodorant commercials. The Right Guard Facebook Page has more details, where you can "become a fan" for further updates.

So anyways, the good people at Right Guard will be providing the prize, a road New Orleans Hornets jersey, signed by CP.

Here's how it works. It sounds sort of complicated, but it's actually very simple.

Basically, each day there will be two trivia questions. One will be worth 1point, one will be worth 2 points. Commenting will end at midnight CST each day. In the comments section, leave your answers. The first person to answer a question correctly will get a bonus point, and each person thereafter will just get the regular point(s). So, for example, let's say the question is "What team does Chris Paul play for?" and is of the 1 point variety. The first person to say "Hornets" would get the 1 point the question is worth, plus a bonus 1 point. So while she would get 2 points total for that question, all subsequent answers of "Hornets" would get just the 1. We'll tally things up at the end.

A new trivia post will be up at 6 AM CST daily, while the prior day's post will have its comments closed. Check back daily for the next batch. The contest will run Wednesday (today), Thursday, and Friday.

Make sense? No answers will be revealed until the end of the contest (or end of the day, possibly), and all comments indicating that a specific answer is correct will be deleted.

Oh, one more thing:

By entering the sweepstakes you agree to release Sponsor, the NBA Entities, At The Hive and their respective affiliates and agencies from any and all liabilities for injuries, damages or losses of any kind to in connection with the sweepstakes, prize or any prize-related activity.

So, for today:

Who scored the first points in Hornets' history? (1 POINT)

Who attempted the first shot in Hornets' history? (2 POINTS)

A note: some of these will be sort of difficult... but hey, maybe a couple of you will turn into Hornets fans after researching who scored the first shot of the third quarter of Game 29 in 1995. Win-win!