Detroit deal is the best we will get

I don't know if the Detroit deal of Maxiell and Kwame for Chandler is a real option but it is far superior then trading for Ben Wallace for multiple reasons. First of all we'd be getting real players in the deal versus paying someone not to play. Maxiell is one of the better backup bigs in the league and his athleticism allows him to play some 5 as well as 4. He is tenancious and tough and he makes underrated momentum plays (crazy blocks out of nowhere and rim rattling dunks that steal the thunder from other teams and force timeouts). Kwame is a good backup big with good size and athleticism. If people could get over his being a draft bust, they'd realize he is a more then adequate backup who plays good d. We would go from having the worst frontcourt benches in the game to having one of the best.

Secondly, I think the Hornets could easily get Will Bynum in this deal in exchange for Devin Brown. Alot of people dont know this, but Bynum was a very good undersized combo guard coming off of Detroit's bench last year. He is a score first point in the mold of Pargo, but he was alot better at it last year then Pargo was in 08. He is expendable because Gordon will eat up any minutes that he might have gotten this year. That move also saves us another couple hundred thousand dollars.

Thirdly, we could trade Kwame to the Heat for a second rounder or nothing at all. The Heat have an exception as was mentioned here before, but they are stacked at the 2 and 3. What they are lacking is a backup 5 with size and a willingness to bang. Enter Kwame. I think Miami does this move in a second, and maybe would even have it as part of the initial deal. Also his contract expires this year so he doesnt get in the way of Miami's 2010 plans.

Those two moves save us 7 million dollars. That leaves us with a need to get a starting big. That sucks, but it is a better position than we would be in with Phoenix because it would leave us still having to get a backup 4 not to mention having to fill up the minimum amount of players at 13.

As for our starting center issue, I think we should do one of two moves (or both, the best option I think). Trade Peja and maybe a first for Dalembert, and trade Hilton, Daniels, and Mo for Diop and Nazr Mohammed. Both of these moves net us an additional 4.5-6 million in cap space (it depends on what the cap is. Peja's contract is alot larger then Dalembert's but the Sixers may still be under the cap. If not we would have to pick up Jason Smith). I don't know if the first is necessary or not because they really want to get rid of Dalembert and could use another shooter.

Charlotte does the deal because it gives them over 9 million in expiring deals and they have been trying to get rid of Mohammed for a while.

This move gives us 2 great defensive 5's who excell at different parts of the game. Dalembert is super athletic and quick for his size. He is also a much better rebounder then Diop who himself is a good rebounder. Sam would be great for running the break and he is a very good team defender because of his length and quckness.

Diop is simply one of the best post defenders in the game because of his size and quickness (not running but getting to his spot on the floor during the pick and roll). He is not the rebounder or shot blocker that Dalembert is but he has more bulk and he isnt a head case.

Guys that gives us a VERY solid bench and puts us well below the cap, enough so that we could sign another player (Rashad McCants would be my preference). Let's do the Detroit deal.