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The Darren Collison Scouting Report

I've tried to compile every single bit of information I could find about Darren Collison into one place, inspired by the profiles done over at Welcome to Loud City. Marcus Thornton is next, and I'll ideally post up a couple interviews with both players' respective college bloggers. The sources are all linked if you want to read more.

Collison is of Guyanese descent, as both of his parents starred as track athletes for the country just northeast of Brazil. He was raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California- the hometown of former MLB pitcher Rollie Fingers and current United States futbol captain Carlos Bocanegra. He attended Etiwanda High School. Out of high school, he was recruited by UCLA and San Diego State, but not by his preference, Arizona (I guess this was back when UA was better than UCLA?).

He chose UCLA, and backed up current Lakers' point guard Jordan Farmar during his freshman season. Given the starting role as a sophomore, he didn't relinquish in the next two seasons, despite UCLA's high profile point guard recruits, Russell Westbrook and Jrue Holiday. Among other awards and achievements, he was the 2007-2008 Player of the Pac-10 Tournament, he established an all-time UCLA record by connecting on 52% of his threes during his junior season, and he led the Pac10 in steals that same year.

His middle name is Michael, he was born on the 23rd of August, he is right handed, he has one sister, and he majored in history and graduated from UCLA.

And now on to the good stuff.


FG 3PT FT Rebounds Misc
G M M A Pct M A Pct M A Pct Off Def Tot Ast TO Stl Blk PF PPG
2008 - Darren Collison 35 31.5 5.0 9.8 50.9 1.2 3.0 39.4 3.2 3.6 88.9 0.5 1.9 2.4 4.7 2.5 1.6 0.1 1.5 14.4

These are his numbers from his final collegiate season. Right off the bat, you can see the three point percentage is solid (though below his prior numbers), the and free throw percentage is terrific. He didn't have the biggest scoring role in his team's offense, though he did convert his field goals with great efficiency for a guard. His steals numbers were also down a bit from his 2007-2009 Pac10 leading totals, but you can also see that he rarely committed fouls.

In terms of more advanced and rate statistics, Collison was one of the top passers in college basketball at a nearly 40% assist rate, and though he had a high 20% turnover rate, I think assist:turnover ratio is a more important statistic in college basketball than turnovers alone. His assist:turnover ration nearly bordered on 2 this past year. He draws fouls at a substandard 30% rate, but again, he wasn't required to be much of a scorer in his offense.


Height and Weight
Reach Body Fat
Jumping Ability
Strength and Quickness
Without Shoes
With Shoes
Weight Wingspan Standing Reach
Fat% No Step Vertical

Maximum Vertical
Bench Press
Lane Agility 3/4 Court Sprint
2008 - Darren Collison

6' 0.25"

6' 1.5"


6' 3"


8' 0.5"













His height without shoes is slightly taller than what Chris Paul measured in at, at his combine. So Collison is definitely a smaller point guard. His 6'3" wingspan doesn't make up for it too much, though it certainly makes his stealing ability a little more impressive. His standing reach is right in line with his wingspan, so there's nothing strange going on with the shoulder/neck region, a la a Shelden Williams. Additionally, his measurements all point to him being in great shape and plenty of stamina.

The lane agility is definitely above average, even for a point guard, and the 3/4 court sprint is impressive too. Both are signs that Byron Scott could up the tempo for the second unit, provided Collison shows he can handle the ball well and make smart decisions under a faster pace. As with a lot of small guards in the NBA, Collison has a good vertical, even if it's not in the range of Chris Paul's 38.


  • "Collison is a noted defensive stopper who excels in slowing down opposing point guards." - FOX Sports
  • "... [H]e doesn’t seem to force anything and his offensive tools are conducive to success in most situations" - Draft Express
  • He is... an excellent foul shooter, finishing fifth in the nation at 89.7 percent." - Fox Sports
  • "Has a good feel for the game and is a clutch player, good 3 point shooter and has a high basketball IQ. He has very good court vision and is good in transistion. Excellent on ball defender and applies a lot of pressure. Very fast and very efficient player." -MyNBADraft
  • "Darren is going to be in a great situation in the league, playing for an outstanding coach in Byron Scott and playing behind maybe the best point guard in the NBA... Darren is going to have a long NBA career. He's playing for a great coach. Byron Scott has been the NBA Coach of the Year at least once, maybe twice. He understands the game. It's a good system to be in. They've got great players around him – guys like [Peja] Stojakovic and [David] West. Obviously their starting point guard is a great, great player." - UCLA coach Ben Howland
  • "His release looks slightly quicker this season and the fact that defenders cannot go underneath screens when guarding him bodes well for his ability to translate his perimeter shooting ability to the NBA." - Draft Express
  • "There are few players at the college level who are as poised in the open floor with the basketball as Collison is." - Draft Express
  • "The most experienced, winningest point guard in the draft." - College Hoops Net
  • "His ball-handling skills are outstanding and he has a great understanding of how to break defenders down in isolation situations or using screens. Towards the end of last season he really came on in his mid-range game, able to pull up on a dime or knock down tough runners on taller opponents." - Draft Express
  • "On top of that, Collison is a very strong defender, being very fundamentally sound and extremely pesky getting in the passing lanes. He does a great job staying in front of his man and always put a good effort in, even if his lack of size and strength may hinder him a bit, particularly fighting through screens."  - Draft Express
  • "Can hit shots from anywhere on the floor, both spotting up or off the dribble. Shoots for outstanding % from everywhere (FG, FT, 3pt)." - College Hoops Net
  • "Collison is Quick with a capital "Q" and he should adjust nicely to the speed of the NBA game. Collison has great handle and is very much a pass-first point guard although he has proven that he can score. Collison can effectively execute plays in the half-court or fastbreak offense." -


  • "Needs to get stronger, this causes trouble against bigger guards. Some examples were the likes of Derrick Rose, Daniel Hackett and Scottie Reynolds." -MyNBADraft
  • "Has trouble creating his own shot and needs to work on his ballhandling." -MyNBADraft
  • there have also been several high-profile performances by him that have called into question his ability to play in the NBA. In four career Final Four games, Collison averaged 4.3 points on 21.8 percent shooting, 3.0 assists per contest and only got to the line for a total of two free throws. He made 1 of 9 shots and fouled out with two points, four assists and five turnovers against future top overall draft pick Derrick Rose and Memphis in a loss in the national semifinals two years ago. It is clear that Collison has yet to prove himself when the stakes are at their highest. - FOX Sports
  • "Very thin - 160lbs would make him one of the lightest players in the NBA. Unorthodox shooting style. Not an outstanding athlete or explosive player". - College Hoops Net
  • "He doesn’t have the jet-quicks or fancy improvisation skills to be able (or maybe even willing) to be an incredibly creative force slashing to the basket and creating scoring opportunities for himself and others." - Draft Express
  • "It's still dubious as to how good of a consistent scorer Collison will be at the next level as he cannot finish on contact if he drove the lane" -




Oh yeah, sorry the videos are so huge. I put them all in but was too lazy to go back and make them smaller after.