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Random Thoughts

  • Re: the Pistons deal. Detroit suddenly adds a ton of firepower, getting two ~18 PER guys that can contribute on the court at the same time. The biggest issue seems to be where the pieces will fit together. I'm assuming Joe Dumars would like a lineup of Rodney Stuckey/Ben Gordon/Richard Hamilton to be on the floor together at points, but that'd be a tiny starting backcourt and wing. Villanueva can't match up with some of the more physical power forwards, and where does this put Tayshaun Prince? There's probably a good argument in here somewhere that Detroit isn't done moving pieces around.
  • Re: Paul Millsap. Am I the only one that thinks he'd be worth every penny of the 10 million he's asking? I know Utah would ideally minimize their spending on him, given their cap situation, but it seems like a lot of the argument is that Millsap is inherently not worth that much anyway. A 24 year old with his rebounding and scoring ability, with no injury history? Seems worth it to me. Another question would be: why can't a team way under the cap go and offer Millsap a huge contract- let's say 15-20 million- and force Utah to seriously consider not bringing him back? (I might be missing some RFA contract max here, but I can't recall any).
  • Jason Kidd will be 36 years old next March, his turnover rates have been uncontrollably high for the last four years, and he can only match up defensively against shooting guards (which he's decent at, but still). So why do the latest rumors have teams lining up to offer him 3 and 4 year contracts? He'd be 40 at the end of a 4 year deal. I can't see him starting for a good team, for more than another two seasons. I know so many people called Kidd overrated a couple years ago that he almost bordered on becoming underrated (a reverse David West)... but has the pendulum swung back the other way now? Depends on the dollars he's given, but it looks like a possibility.
  • Lots of athletes have been killing it on Twitter, but one that definitely hasn't is Amar'e. First, he uses Twitter as a free advertising service for his Amar'e Credit Card or whatever the hell it was. Then, when he finally starts Twittering properly, he sends out fake trade rumors. Sort of amusing the first time, lame the second.
  • Anyways, that's it for now. I'm going to be out of town till next Tuesday. The last time I was out of town for an extended time, we signed James Posey. So, uh, let's pray something like that doesn't happen again. If any news breaks, have at it in the FanPosts/FanShots, and I'm sure Lee and Junsier will take care of it in terms of coverage. I've scheduled a couple posts- one on Darren Collison and one on Marcus Thornton- to autopublish themselves on Saturday and Monday respectively. Later.