You Will Eat This Up

Okay so I was listening to national radio station this weekend that comes on during the weekends here in Houston TX. On came one of the host and he satarted talking about possible trade's swirling around the NBA right now. The guy is a Celtics fan and he mentions that a very crediable NBA website is reporting that the Hornets and Celtics are talking a Trade, Chris Paul for Rondo and Allen. He says that this trade would make since because Paul is getting tired of the Hornets losing ways(WTF!!!????) and could want out. He also mentioned that it would make sense because the Hornets I quote, "Are not within a whisper of contending in the Western Conference." I about crashed my car because I was so pissed. the only reason Paul has to be pissed is because of this last season and the way it ended. Lets face it the " walking wounded" didn't back their boy up and man up to the Nuggets after all the beating CP3 was taking. He must have forgotten the year the Hornets had the year before last. TELL ME THIS MAN IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!