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Draft Day Open Thread

It sounds like something could be coming. I'll post updates in this story:

11:31 EST- Bright Side of the Sun: "The word from a few places that haven't yet risen to more prominent sources is that the Suns want to now trade Wallace's contract to the New Orleans Hornets for Tyson Chandler."

4:32 EST- Real GM: "While there is no truth to the possibility of Amare Stoudemire being moved to Houston in a package for Tracy McGrady, Ben Wallace could be flipped to New Orleans for Tyson Chandler.

Wallace is an expiring $14 million contract that could also provide the Suns more immediate financial relief with a buyout (although he would still count as a $14 million salary for luxury tax purposes). Chandler's contract goes into the 2010-11 season at about $13 million."

UPDATE: Merging this into the Open Draft Thread.

5:42 EST- ESPN: Not an update per se, but there's a lot of news that Ben Wallace will be retiring. His quote from May: "Nothing's definite, but there's a strong possibility that this was my last season." So if a deal does get done, a buyout will probably be performed immediately. Very raw figures here, but the Hornets would cut about 12 million in cap, bringing them to ~64 million total.

5:46 EST- Yahoo!: "Sources say that Louisville’s Terrence Williams is back in the mix with the Nets at No. 11. He’s on the short list with North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough and Duke’s Gerald Henderson." NJ was one of three majorly rumored destinations for DeJuan Blair. With Carter gone, it looks more and more like they'll gamble on Williams.

5:59 EST- Hoopsworld: "Nobody from the Eric Maynor camp is expecting him to be on board past the 20's. The Indiana Pacers are considering him at 13, but could also go with either Brandon Jennings or Ty Lawson. It's unexpected for Maynor to fall past 19 to the Atlanta Hawks, unless they opt for Jeff Teague instead."

6:01 EST- According to a person in the know, Chandler to Suns would probably only go down if the Suns' 14 overall pick were included. Phoenix doesn't appear likely to include that, given their recent history of trading away picks that turned into terrific players.

6:21 EST- Of course, right after I do a post about three new possibilities, Chad Ford brings up a new one. He has BJ Mullens slotted into the 21st spot in his latest mock. Quick thoughts on Mullens: awful passer, loses the ball a ton, mediocre rebounder, runs the floor, good touch around the hoop, good size for getting position. He'd def be a project pick... not as bad as a lot of Hornets fans are making out to be though.

6:31 EST- RealGM: Amare to Golden State. No word on the players involved, but it seems a done deal.

7:54- News again that Chandler talks are back on. PHX-NOH to swap picks if it happens.