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Rich Get Richer; Spurs Get Richard

Looks like the Bucks have agreed to pay the Spurs an above average small forward for the privilege of collecting their garbage (Bowen, Oberto, Thomas). I wouldn't be surprised if Thomas or Bowen found their ways back to the SAS before opening day, via the OSASTBRL (that would be the Official San Antonio Spurs Trade-Buyout-Resign Loophole for the unitiated. (Seriously, David Stern, when the @#%! are you going to shut this down?)).

The real issue isn't that Jefferson is pretty good overall. Michael Finley had a flukey good shooting year last year, and Jefferson kind of sucks at jump shooting. That part's a wash. The major issue is that Jefferson draws more than 6 free throw attempts per 36 minutes. Finley? Try 1 every 36 last year, and his career high of 4.4 was achieved twelve years ago. That's literally four points a night right there (someone tell me I'm calculating this wrong? Please?)