Bower can't be that blind!

Bower needs to wake up and get into Byron Scott's butt and get him to play his bench more.  Then get us another legitimate center.  Chandler is cool but has his sport confused.  This isn't volleyball!!!  If Chandler stays, he needs to spend the entire offseason working on his offense and rebounding.  You can't compete when instead of grabbing rebounds, your  center is tapping 50% of the rebounds  to the opposing team. 

As for Byron Scott playing his bench......  Its too obvious that when the bench steps in, they're flat.  Last year Pargo was the glue that held the bench together.  This year it showed what happens when you play musical chairs with your bench without your supposingly new glue.  I just knew this year was gonna be Julian Wright's breakout season.  Injuries is one thing.... Chemistry is another and Bower needs a refresher course to make it happen this year.