Change is inevitable - thread for trades

[Great FanPost from nikkoewan. I haven't had the time to post much recently, so this is a great starting point. -atthehive]

First and fore most, check out my first fan post about the off season - 2009 10 off season

In this fan post, I will help other people come up with trade possibilites( don't we as fans just love speculating?).

As many of us here in the hornets community(hornets247 and atthehive) have suggested or implied, only one player is untouchable - Paul. ( But it breaks my heart not to include West and Chandler, they have a strong bond and that is important. Juju can become a touchable lol)

i will enumerate our trade chips and give them a letter grade to indicate how valuable they are:(numbers are 09 10 contract)

West - $ 9 075 000

- very cheap contract, front contract -> goes down every year, 28 years old, contract covers whole of prime(until 31)

grade: B+

Chandler - $ 12 300 000

too big a contract for what has been an injured player( also extends up to 2010 11 season). trade rescindment hurt his value, his toe hurt his value so much. however i do believe(hope) that this off season, the hornets will make all possible ways to ensure chandler is healthy( to increase trade value (possibly announcing things like chandler to consult specialist on ankle and toe, chandler doing well with rehab from two surgery, chandler running and gunning with paul in practice etc). However, Chandler is a 26 year old 7'0 center and good centers are rare in the NBA.

grade: B

Julian Wright - $ 2 000 040

has great upside, showed that he can become the next matrix( can do everything well). only 21 years old and has a long way before being called a bust( for a lottery) and has the professionalism and work ethic to be something else in the NBA. However, Basketball IQ is questionable, it may benefit him to play somewhere else where he can get many minutes to experience NBA basketball.

grade: C+

Rasual Butler - $ 3 945 000

has had a renaissance of a season and only upped his value with clutch performances from down town. great on ball defender( against SG who are strong but not quick), great help defender( especially on weak side blocks almost averaged a block per game). has an expiring contract, although not to big( decreases value). overall, a great trade chip for the hornets.

grade: B

Hilton Armstrong - $ 2 801 198

what more is there to say? bad footwork, bad hands, not a rebounder, not a great defender, not (insert basketball term).however, there are still a few NBA scouts who think he can turn into a serviceable( or above serviceable) center in the future. only 24 years old. expiring contract.

grade: C

Peja Stojakovic - $ 13 392 000

contract extends until 2010 11 season. not a great physical defender, but more than average team an IQ defender. has many injuries( including pride) is 31 years old, slow feet. however, he may have a good year next year, following an offseason of work outs and surgery and stuff. but thats all speculation. overall, only trade value is that he can get hot anytime from beyond the arc.

grade:D ( or F??)

Antonio Daniels - $ 6 600 000

hefty expiring contract( thats a big plus), more than adequate defender, great distributor, great veteran, great team mate. but he is old, 34, has no shooting touch. just an expiring contract.

grade: C+

James Posey - $ 6 031 800

great team guy, locker guy. tough, rugged defender, more than adequate 3 point shooter. although tough and rugged, a very slow footed one. Has a tendency to overfoul, also has a tendency to take bad shots in the post. contract runs through 2011 - 2012 and by then he would be 35.

grade: D( for non contending teams), C( for contending teams)

Morris Peterson - $ 5 800 000

great team guy, great professional, more than adequate 3 point shooter( excellent from the corner). average defender, uses size to cancel out slow footedness. contract runs through 2011 2012. has not had a great statistical time in NOLA(average last year, abysmal this year).

grade: D

C is a passing for tradeability, D is not so good.

we have 6 trade assets( West, Chandler, Wright, Butler, Hilton, Daniels). 7 if we include Posey to a contending team( our bad contract for your bad contract thing).

now, start typing and put your suggestions here, i'll post mine( via comments) here so that we can get an idea of what we( as a whole) want..

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