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Well, that was an exhilarating 82 games. Didn't go quite the way we might have hoped, but we're in the playoffs with a relatively easy path. So let's see how it goes.

Anyways, now is as good a time as any to cover months old site news that I never got around to mentioning.

In case you didn't notice, SBNation currently has a deal with both Yahoo! Sports and AP/Getty Images. If you visit Yahoo! team pages or recap pages, you'll find links to At the Hive and all other sites across the SB network. Additionally, me and the other SBN Playoff bloggers will be teaming up with J.E. Skeets and Kelly Dwyer at Yahoo!'s Ball Don't Lie over the next few weeks for playoff coverage. The first SBN bloggers' post about the first round should appear at BDL before Saturday. The AP image licensing is also cool in that now we don't steal have to steal (all) our images any more- some of them will hopefully be legal.

SBN has also launched player and team pages across the network. For example, here's the Hornets page and the Chris Paul page. The idea is that player and team pages pick up all tagged posts across the network. Additionally, if you guys write Fan Posts or Fan Shots and tag players before publishing, they will appear on the respective SBN pages.

Finally, the SBN NBA network is coming very close to completion. A Lakers blog was recently added, as was a Detroit Pistons blog. Every 2009 playoff team now has representation on the network.

I'll end with a note about commenting policy. At the Hive has grown a ton over the course of this season, and it's all thanks to you guys. The game threads have gotten more and more busy, and they will surely be bustling for the playoffs. So I'd like to make a request to keep all profanities to a minimum, as much as possible. It hasn't been a problem at all thus far, and there is generally a lot of intelligent conversation. With stakes being much higher in the playoffs, things may change. If fans of other SBN blogs come over here, keep the discourse clean with them, and everyone will benefit. Similarly, if you head over to another SBN blog, abide by their policies and keep it civil. It can only make all us Hornets fans look better.

Thanks everyone, and Go Hornets!