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Game 81: Hive Five

  • 8:18 Devin Brown misses 7 foot jumper
  • 7:47 Peja Stojakovic misses 21 footer jumper
  • 7:07 Antonio Daniels misses 7 foot jumper, blocked by Kyle Lowry
  • 6:43 James Posey misses 6 foot hook shot
  • 6:13 Sean Marks lost ball, stolen by Kyle Lowry
  • 5:52 Rasual Butler misses 8 foot jumper
  • 5:28 Melvin Ely misses 9 foot hook shot
  • 5:01 Melvin Ely misses layup, blocked by Brent Barry
  • 4:47 New Orleans Shot Clock Violation
  • 3:55 Rasual Butler misses 25 foot jumper
  • 3:17 Rasual Butler misses 22 foot jumper
  • 2:49 Chris Paul lost ball, stolen by Luis Scola

I think that about sums up the game. For a 6 minute stretch, we went TWELVE consecutive possessions without scoring a single point. In that time, we also ceded 4 offensive rebounds and 18 consecutive points for Houston, including three layups and a dunk.

I don't really have anything else to say. This quote from Byron is great: “I think most of our guys in that locker room think that it’s like a light switch, that you can just turn on when the playoffs start. It’s not going to happen, it’s just not.”