mini bidding war

can the NOR participate in the bidding wars for gooden, smith( highly unlikely - wrapped and packaged to CLE LMAO), mihm, swift and head?


if we can just get one big man( gooden, smith, mihm or swift) plus head... we'd be rolling a depth chart of:

Paul and Butler - Stojakovic and West - Chandler

Head and Daniels/brown/wright/peterson- Posey/Wright and Marks and the big man( i think swift or mihm are very possible).

that would be a better bench than what we had right now with head being a speedster and swift or mihm big bodies who can rebound..

however, with the luxury tax weighing on George Shinn's budget conscious mind, i wonder what Jeff Bower can do??

if head gets snatched by another team, is pargo available?


please j. bower george shinn! we don't have any more mid level exception, is the bi annual exception possible? if not, another 1 M in the book wouldnt hurt nobody, if it meant more revenues in the post season for your greedy spirit G. Shinn. plsss!!! head and swift/mihm to NOR!!!