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Another Western Conference Loss

Lee will have the recap up later... but a quick point in the meanwhile.

Since our January win at Staples, our performance against WC opponents:

  • Denver- Lost by 13
  • Houston- Lost by 11
  • Dallas- Won by 16
  • Utah- Lost by 14
  • L.A.- Lost by 4
  • Portland- Lost by 8
  • San Antonio- Lost by 13
  • Dallas- Won by 7
  • Denver- Won by 13
  • Utah- Lost by 26

In other words, we've defeated exactly one team ahead of ourselves in the standings in nearly three months. A steady diet of awful teams has kept us afloat, but I don't know how much more of this no-Peja, no-Tyson we can take. It's do or die time, and we've fallen flat on our faces again and again and again.