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A Few Chris Paul Links

Hometown Hornets goes over the CP3-Magic comparison, and J.A. Adande's ridiculous take on it:

Mr. Adande should just be happy that a point guard as exciting as CP (and possibly the most exciting since Magic) is in the league right now. Not to mention that he gets to watch that player's "development" unfold. He should also try watching more than 2 or 3 Hornets' games a season. It might help.

Also, a few words on CP3-DWill, and an interesting take on their head to head matchups:

A quick look at the tables reveals that almost all of Paul's statistical contributions see a drop (the exception being FT attempted and FT%), while Williams' numbers seem to shift in both directions. What's interesting is that I wouldn't call either stat line from the head-to-heads amazing (which both players are) or terrible (which both players are not). It seems that they both affect the other's numbers pretty significantly, and why not? After all, they're pretty worthy adversaries.

Finally, Josh Q. Public with a cool little factoid on CP3 this year:

Just so you know, that was Paul’s fourth game this season with twenty-five points, ten assists, and five steals.  Just so you knw, only one other NBA player has even one such game this year, only Nate Robinson.  Just so you know, Chris Paul is very very good.