here's a little something to help byron

we have all suggested that peja be our sixth man, and posey play 15 to 20 minutes. but that would seriously destroy the hornets rotation. byron scott would not love that cause he would be thinking of a new rotation. so to help byron scott, here is a rotation screen where peja is our sixth man.




there. the numbers on the right are minutes played. as you can see. even though peja is our sixth man, he plays 30 minutes. CP3 plays 34 minutes, west plays 33 minutes, TC plays 34 minutes, butler plays 31 minutes. but the important thing here is we have an offensive option everytime. as you can see, when west goes out, peja goes in. when peja comes out, west comes in. on the 2nd quarter, 9 min mark. paul is surrounded by shooters, so than takes care of the offense. if paul is trapped boom, THREEE. otherwise, we can post posey, or iso juju( although this may lead to a turnover, at least). 

so what if daniels plays poorly? in the measly 14 minutes he plays? all he needs to do is orchestrate the offense( give the ball to west or peja). we have *gulp* brown to replace. the same goes for marks and armstrong ely. the good thing is, mo pete isnt even on the rotation. 

i am not saying we should use this rotation for every games. but we should use this rotation when playing gimme games - new york, memphis, clippers etc. that extra 6 to 7 minute rest means a lot. 

also, if daniels and brown play so poorly, we can experiment juju, butler and peja/posey at the same time with the other bigs. juju and butler can handle the ball, so i hope there would be no problem there. 

also in this rotation scheme, we play 2 types of defenses, the normal face guard, where our last resort is TC(when he's in the game) or a disrupting defense adept at rotations and clogging passing lanes with lengthy arms( such as when Peja and Posey are on the floor at the same time). 

i know there are flaws in this rotation, but at least its and experiment. comments and suggestions?