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Lee's recap is right below this. I'll bump it back up to the top later tonight/tomorrow, but right now... wow.

My assessment: one of two things has happened. (A) There's something seriously wrong with Tyson that hasn't been brought up by the Hornets (bone damage? etc.). (B) The Thunder had semi-cold feet, concerning Tyson's low stats, all along, and the (expected) injury assessment of Tyson gave them the perfect excuse to rescind the deal.


Some Important News from Chris Broussard:

Chandler's baffled. He was examined by the doctors in Oklahoma City, and you know, he had the ankle injury and missed the last 12 games before the All Star break. But that had nothing to do with why the trade was rescinded. They looked at his big left toe, which Oklahoma's team doctor had operated on in 2007 and they determined that the risk of re-injury is great. That stunned Chandler. He felt like his toe was fine. He's had a little pain over the years... but he's a bit stunned. Chandler's excited to be back as well, but his mind is kind of spinning right now.

Hometown Hornets:

With the trade of Tyson, there seemed to be more. Turns out, there was. The Hornets were trying to protect themselves from being stuck with a $12 million contract for a player who might not return to that nightly double-double form. I welcome Tyson back to the team, and I'm excited to have the Crescent City Connection live on. But I'm anxious that his history of foot injuries might hamper his future. If that's the case, it puts this team at a serious disadvantage.

Chad Ford:

[Hornets] are [still] talking to teams. They feel like OKC way over reacted to Chandler's turf toe issue. The question is ... do they have enough time to make a deal. A team would have to be pretty sure that Chandler is healthy to make another deal for him.



The New Orleans Hornets decided to trade Tyson Chandler to clear some cap space and add depth to the frontcourt. They'll have to go back to the drawing board.

The Hornets announced on Wednesday that the Oklahoma City Thunder did not medically clear the center and therefore rescinded the trade. Chandler would have gone to the Thunder for forwards Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith.


The Oklahoma City Thunder doctors have red-flagged a turf toe condition with newly acquired center Tyson Chandler and the New Orleans Hornets trade has been voided, league executives said Wednesday night.

"It’s blown up," one league executive said.


It's expected that the Thunder will make a subsequent deal to move their highly-coveted front court players elsewhere, though it seems unlikely they would land a player of Chandler's caliber with so little time left between now and the trade deadline to work out the details.

Jeff Bower:

We welcome Tyson back with open arms. We went into this trade to garner more frontcourt depth to add to our team as we continue our push towards the playoffs. We expect Tyson and the rest of our big guys to step up to the challenge."

Sam Presti, OKC GM

"We were pleased to add Tyson to the Thunder roster. During the course of the physical examination and outside consultations, some questions arose that gave us cause for concern. We felt that this course of action was the best for our organization."

Chris Paul:

“I’m excited to have T.C. back. I think it will give us a huge lift. Hopefully it will bring us closer together. You know, T.C. is family to us, so there won’t be any animosity when he comes in here and he understands what’s been the goal all along.”

More news as it comes in...

(Note: Sorry Cablinasian.... I saw yours was up first, but this had a comment on it......)