We still need a bench defender/ rebounder.

I have been very impressed with Darius Songalia as of late. He is a mobile savy vet who does alot of the little things. Drawing the charge on Thompson tonight to foul him out is a good example. But we still need some bulk off of the bench Songalia can't rebound worth a lick, and our bench is stil lgetting scored on in the paint. Darius is a good pick and roll defend er but having him in the game as a center exposes us to post players and offensive boards. This has been exploited often this yea,r and Sacto scored almost 60 points in the paint tonight.

I have said before that the guy we really need is Desagan Diop. He is one of the best defensive centers in the league though he can't score at all. Right now MoPete can't even smell the court. We aren't talented enough right now to have mid level guys languishing on the bench. We should really trade him for Diop or Jason Maxiell, or Kwame Brow or any of a number of defensive, rebounding bigs. We no longer need points out of that sopt with Collison and Thornton in the games, but we still need post d, and protection against second chance shots.