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Game 19: Hive Live

Minnesota 89 (2-17) | New Orleans 98 (8-11)

CP3 is back! CP3 is back! CP3 is back!

And without missing a beat I might add. Chris put any lingering concerns about his injury to rest with a ridiculous line of 16 points, 15 assits, 8 steals, 6 rebounds, and a block.

Unfortunately, I was only able ot catch pieces of the game via radio, so I'm afraid any insight I might have is limited to "we won," "it's nice to see Emeka continuing to score at a high percentage to go along with all his boards," and "CP3 is back!"

I don't (and won't) do this often, but for some truly insightful analysis, turn to our buddies over at Hornets 24/7. They'll (unknowingly) cover for us today. But I'll be back in full force Tuesday (with actual coverage).

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