Derrick Rose anybody?

If anyone read Bill Simmons article today, I'm sure you are writing him hate mail right now telling him how bogus any of the Chris Paul trades were. I felt as if you got nothing in return for him other than Cap relief. You'd need another superstar coming back to New Orleans. And while Derrick Rose isn't Chris Paul yet. He is one of the more exciting young PGs in the league. You'd know this if you caught any of the epic Boston-Chicago playoff series last year. Basically this trade guts your team and allows you to build around Rose the way you should of built around Paul. Call it a do-over.

Bulls Trade - Derrick Rose, Tyrus Thomas, Brad Miller, Jerome James and John Salmons plus a first round pick unprotected for 2010.

Hornets Trade - Chris Paul, David West, James Posey and Peja.

Hornets get 10 million in cap relief this year. 38 million in cap relief next year. And become the major players in FA in 2011. To sign a big time FA to pair with Rose and Okafur. Is it the best trade in the world? No. But I think it is the best possible Chris Paul trade IF he were to get traded. There is no way to get equal value for him.