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Hornets Can't Build on Denver Momentum, Dropped by Raptors

Somebody should look up Toronto's record in Sunday morning games. It's one of the cooler traditions in the NBA (TOR getting Sunday morning games) that not too many fans know of. And our guys didn't seem to be up to the task.

A quick cap today, 'cause I'm currently in a transfer terminal outside of the country. Jump!

Chris Bosh killed us again, with 25 and 11. If it weren't for his 6 turnovers, it would easily have been among the best, most efficient lines the Hornets have allowed in the 2009 calendar year. Bosh was aggressive on offense, getting to the line a game high 6 times. Hedo Turkoglu, by contrast, shot pretty poorly from the floor. However, he still managed to be an integral part of the offense, dishing a team high 7 assists. Nobody else really stood out that much from Toronto, though Amir Johnson's 12 rebounds in 21 bench minutes killed us.

Nevertheless, the Hornets did out-rebound Toronto, getting just two fewer rebounds, despite missing 12 more shots. Additionally, the Hornets posted a better turnover rate and played the free throw battle to a standstill. Good old floor percentages were what killed us. 3 for 13 from Paul and 4 for 15 from Peja were more than enough to do us in.

And.. I'm boarding. Might have some more thoughts up later. Maybe.